About Latinaceo

Welcome to Latinaceo™!

My name is Janie Martinez Gonzalez, I am a LatinaCEO™ and if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to change the world with you.

I am a Mexican-American with humble beginnings I was raised on the South side of San Antonio and take pride in heritage and roots.  My hard-working parents love, sacrifice, work ethic, inspired me.  I worked my way through college.  The oldest of five children. The first in family to graduate from a university and become a business owner in 1994 in non-traditional industry of the World Wide Web, specifically Internet Technology. I am a mother to three sons, Willem, Ethan and Anakin, happy pet owner to Frida, Patches Diego and Buddy and a wife of 22 years. My life in a Giga Byte!

My personal and business journey as a Latinaceo™, has been a trying experience with many up’s and down’s that would test the best CEO’s and Sport Champions of this world.  I understood at a very young that my future depended on me creating my own destiny, my own corporate ladder, and generate my own income. What better way to do that than to become my own boss.  It was from that thought that the desire to establish my own business grew.  I had no idea what type of business I would launch. But having the ability to analyze the market, financial and technological trend is an important ingredient to charting your own destiny and staying competitive. You must leverage Golden opportunities, your strengths, while identifying and correcting weaknesses.

I want to undertake the responsibility for creating next generation Latina Entrepreneurs and to empower women in general. Many Latinas have already the degrees, connections, experiences, and resumes often bearing credentials that should translate into a pipeline moving into CEO and senior executive jobs but may only need to strengthen management and technology skills, political savvy, or their dreams. The keys to improving our quality of life are improvement in education and improvement in our participation in capitalism.

My goal is to create opportunities for minority women through the right blend of business, community, and technology initiatives.  By using our own diverse skills as entrepreneurs, along with financing, marketing, and management tools, to bring success to our dreams. Building a strong business and community doesn’t just happen. It takes dedicated planning, hard work and courageous leadership with vision.

Janie Martínez Gonzalez


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